What We Learned At Trimble’s Insight User Conference 2020

We recently attended Trimble’s 2020 Insight User Conference. It has been a long-time favorite of ours over the years and a great chance to catch up with our favorite customers.

With this year’s event going virtual, we wondered what to expect. There would be no travel, no booth to build, none of the famous food, and perhaps the saddest of all… no Disney World (the show was originally scheduled to take place in Orlando, FL this year).

Furthermore, we worried about how the networking events would work as making connections with like-minded individuals in our space is really one of the main draws to tradeshows in general for us.

With this said, we put our concerns aside, attended Insight, and it really turned out to be a great experience. Here are our main takeaways from Insight 2020:

The industry truly is better when we all come together.

This year’s theme was “We Are One” and essentially Trimble invited any vendor to the show that wanted to come. For the first time in years, Insight was a place where telematics solutions, optimization software, integrators, and even competing TMS platforms were allowed to attend under one roof. This created an un-paralleled experience where you could truly connect and absorb knowledge from everyone in the industry all in one place.

It is about the connections, the journey, and the experience…not the destination.

It is sometimes easy to forget in all the fanfare of an industry tradeshow (the venue, the entertainment, the food) what it is really all about… the people you share it with. This year we were blessed to spend 3 days connecting and sharing experiences with hundreds of the industry’s top talent, and whether in person or remote, this is really what makes a Trimble show, a Trimble show.

The world is changing, but we are going to make it.

We have been attending the TMW Insight Show for about 20 years now and every year we meet new exciting people as learn something new. Perhaps this year’s biggest lesson was learned from the venue itself. Because Trimble had no venue, they had to learn to adapt to the times, they had to figure out how to still accomplish what their customers and partners have come to expect out of an Insight show, and they had to do it in a few short months.

Insight should be something that inspires all of us in this these tough times. It is a beacon that shines light on just because the world has changed, and the task ahead now seem impossible, doesn’t mean that there isn’t always a solution waiting just around the corner to be discovered.

COVID has hit the world hard, but we are going to come out of this stronger, with a whole new set of tools we would have not bothered to learn without it, and we are going to the best we have ever been.

We look forward to seeing everyone in person again next year, in the meantime, stay safe, and keep moving forward.

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