The Leading Platform in Transportation Integration
Strengthen Your Supply Chain
The Tranztec Platform uses best in class technology to Connect valuable data assets across the supply chain to drive efficiency in your business. The Tranztec Platform is the only standard platform connecting TMS, telematics and transportation services with prebuilt integrations. Featuring a comprehensive set of prebuilt integrations that as well as a robust set of load dispatch functionality that Extends legacy TMS applications and can provide a single cloud-based view of your enterprise.
Tranztec Platform eliminates…
  • Siloed Data
  • Limited Visibility
  • Costly Integration
  • Complex Systems
  • Antiquated Technology
  • Inefficient Communications
Breathe New Life into your TMS with Tranztec® Connect
Outdated TMS? No Problem!
Is your TMS outdated? Have you outgrown it? Replacement is a very costly and disruptive option. That’s a no-go. The best TMS is the one you have — with Tranztec Connect. The middleware solution modernizes data exchanges with plug-and-play integrations. Connect integrates TMS platforms with ELD telematics and many other applications to bring end-to-end visibility and automation to transportation-specific workflows.
Pre-built Integrations
Tranztec Connect has pre-built integrations with leading telematics and TMS platforms:
  • TMW Suite
  • TruckMate
  • TL2000
  • Innovative(ICC)
  • McLeod
  • And More
Supply Chain Connectivity
Tranztec Connect automatically sends load tracking updates to shippers through EDI transactions and real-time API communications with freight visibility and supply chain platforms:
  • Macropoint
  • Fourkites
  • Project 44
  • Freight Verify
  • And More
Adaptive to your Needs
Integrations are not static. Tranztec Connect ensures data and integrated workflows stay current within your native TMS environment to:
  • Provide enterprise-wide visibility to users and customers
  • Give you maximum control over your technology strategy
  • Prevent disruptions when updating or migrating systems
Workflow Automation
Tranztec Connect has an optional user interface with a modern dashboard and map views of shipments in progress. Share the view with customers to automate communications.
The following add-ons can expand automation
  • Extend. Eliminate manual transactions with customers by sending load tenders and status updates directly through a web portal, where customers can also access documents tied to loads.
  • Construct. Create your own branded portals for shipper customers to request and receive quotes and book orders. Freight brokers and motor carriers can automate rate requests, confirmations, load tenders, invoices, and more.
Value at Every Turn
Tranztec Connect unlocks efficiency by automating freight visibility, communications and transportation-specific workflows using the most accurate and robust telematics and TMS integrations. Contact us to take customer service and business profitability to new levels.
Data Driven Freight Management your way with Tranztec® Extend
Extend Your Business Capabilities
Even the best TMS solutions cannot fully conform to how you need your business to operate. Predetermined processes and canned workflows require manual effort. Tranztec Extend makes one-size-fits-all TMS systems 100% customizable. The unique SaaS-based platform bridges the divide between your TMS, telematics, and trading partner systems.
Configurable Communications
Tranztec Extend offers fully customizable communications across the supply chain. You determine what information to share and when. With a few clicks:
  • Automate status update emails and save hundreds of manual hours.
  • Attach chats, text messages, and macros to load details to create total transparency.
  • Add new trading partners within minutes.
Mobile Management
Sidestep outdated mobile devices and annoying check calls. The platform offers a full-featured driver workflow mobile app and SMS dispatch messaging. Track and manage loads using only a driver’s cell phone.
  • Generate instant status updates and share with the customer.
  • Automate arrival and departure messages using polygonal geofencing.
  • Instant two-way messaging and document capture.
Automated Workflows
Create multi-step workflows specific to your operation. Tranztec Extend gathers mission-critical data and puts it to work for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Create and manage orders in seconds with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Send quick quote emails and automatically award freight based on rate submissions.
  • Build unique automations using a simple “if this, then that” Google Developers app.
Value from Visibility
Tranztec Extend creates 100% freight visibility. No more digging through screens or accessing different systems to assemble information. Access the right data at the right time in one place.
  • Monitor freight activity in real time using an interactive map with load details.
  • Capture, present and transmit critical data to customers without manual work.
  • Create an order, plan the load, and manage its progress.
Transparency Transforming Transportation
Tranztec Extend helps any TMS go further. Extensive standard integrations with most major platforms and up-front, predictable pricing makes Extend a system that is scalable and ready to go the distance for your business. Schedule a demo to discover new possibilities for doing more with your data by adding Extend to your existing setup.
Don't Build it. White Label it with Tranztec® Construct
Move Beyond Basics
Tranztec Construct comes ready with an array of features. Simply configure them to your operation to get to work with: Additions to your core TMS Functionality, Driver Workflow Applications, Automated Workflows, Customized customer communications. Accelerate development and deployment time by refocusing in-house resources on unique functionality and features. The basic build is already complete.
Construct’s white label approach is a game-changer for companies with a need for speed. The system quickly becomes yours with the name and logo to prove it.
  • Rapidly develop branded solutions like freight boards, customer portals, and a driver app.
  • Build brand equity by leveraging Tranztec’s tested and expert-supported platform
  • Gain ground on competitors who’ve spent millions developing similar features
Simple, Yet Sophisticated:
Transportation is tough. Developing a platform to manage it shouldn’t be. Construct is designed with simplicity in mind—for both developers and end users.
  • Customizable drag-and-drop interface
  • Workflow dashboards and extensive automations
  • Embedded “if this, then that” Google Developers app
  • Native verification intelligence and polygonal geofencing
Rewards Without the Risk
Construct maximizes the ROI of in-house development while minimizing the time and resources required.
  • Avoid the over-budget/under-delivering IT project curse by partnering with a proven platform
  • Unlock and utilize mission-critical data trapped between systems using API and EDI connections
  • Benefit from Tranztec’s ongoing software development and support
Building a Better Way
Tranztec Construct is the blueprint for designing breakthrough transportation technology. The platform is a robust, ready-to-go logistics management software with full customization capabilities. Deploy from day one or let your developers dream big. Add your logo and your way of operating. Either way, Construct puts you in charge. Schedule a demo to discover the possibilities.
Trusted by Leading Carriers and Brokers Nationwide
The ONLY standard platform that allows you to CONSTRUCT, CONNECT, and EXTEND your Transportation Network; That’s Tranztec®.