Do more than just move your email forward, Move it across your entire business with complete integrations.

Email is single handedly the best form of communication ever invented… said absolutely no one ever. This relic of days gone by has been virtually impossible to remove from our far-advanced-beyond-email-technical lives. 1972, a year that saw Sammy Davis Jr. topping the charts singing about The Candy Man, also gave birth to the invention of email, let that sink in a minute. Nearly half a decade later… It is still universally accepted, it is the defacto means of uniquely identifying people online, and its versatility to send just about anything to anyone is unrivaled. Like it or not email is the current KING of all business communications tools. No, not one of those white knight kings, but more like one of those old, crazy kings whose own people plot his demise from the shadows.

Do not be troubled fellow townspeople. Although our king seeks to maintain his throne for sometime longer, your friends here at Tranztec have created a way to make you say “We love the King” once again. How? We have taken email and heavily integrated it into our flagship product offering, VIA. What does this even mean? I am glad you asked. It means that email is no longer confined to the boundaries of your chosen email client. Your Inbox is now alive on the web with the power to do a limitless number of activities including…

  • Update your TMS Directly
  • Collaborate with internal and external resources