Meet Brad McMichael at TIA2022

Photo With Brad

Head on over to boothe 318 at TIA2022 for your chance to have a meet and greet with none other than the one-and-only Brad McMichael. Now you are probably confused and asking yourself, “Who is this Brad McMichael and Why would I want to meet him?”. Is he a famous Author? Nope. Television personality? Nada. Man of mystery? Perhaps. In fact, it is universally accepted that no one should smile in the office as much as Brad does on a Monday. If that’s not a mystery to all I don’t know what is. So while answering the question of “Who” Brad is might be VERY tough, telling you why you should meet him is not. Brad has come to TIA2022 to demo some really cool transportation technology from Tranztec. The kind of of tech that can integrate with all your existing systems kinda cool. The kind of tech that is going to save you a lot of money kinda cool. The kind of tech your business deserves in 2022 kinda cool. So head on over to boothe 318 and #BeCoolWithBrad and take a photo for your chance to win a $100 gift card ( oh yea, Micheal Ingersoll is there as well but I didn’t have time to fit him in this promo. ) See you at TIA2022!