The Road to Recovery: Getting back to Normal


It is a comforting word. As the COVID-19 virus extends its reach across our country, those who have lost or will lose loved ones will wake up to a new normal. To those families, Tranztec extends our deepest sympathies. You endure the greatest of losses this pandemic has to offer and our hearts go out to you.

For the rest of us, the consequences are not as grave but in many cases still life altering. COVID-19 is stealing our Normal. For some this means the loss of a job, for others the loss of their business. Most face long lines to greet us when purchasing the items we need, while others are finding they have no access to these necessities at all. Every day brings with it a new set of challenges that each of us must overcome. Rethinking how we live, work and play.

As a transportation management platform provider, we wondered what role we could play in the bigger picture to help those in our communities? After much thought, today we are pleased to announce a few changes to our VIA platform that we think will help get us closer to normal.

First, we have added a free option to the VIA sign-up page. On the road to recovery many are having to remotely work and find new ways to conduct business. This will be different for every person and every business – we’re just hoping this helps that effort in some small way. This free subscription is not a limited time offer, you are welcome to continue using the platform for as long as you like in the future.

Second, we are opening VIA up to ALL companies that need it regardless of their business sector. This will allow charities, disaster organizations, and small businesses of any variety the ability to better see and manage their supply chain, so the right stuff gets to the right people who need it most. Goods donations, charity lines, medical supplies or whatever logistical information needs to be managed.

Lastly, we are making VIA Mobile available to charities and disaster organizations at no cost during this difficult period to allow for GPS tracking, content, and disinfection status of much-needed resources.

This is our start. In the coming days as we get new information we will reevaluate and look at other areas we may be able to improve and continue to offer help and support to those in need. In this small way we can hopefully help get us closer to normal.

Toby Miller
CEO, Tranztec Solutions

For more information or to sign up for VIA please see our website at