Meet VIA…

In 2017, we launched VIA – our latest offering and a product that truly encompasses our 17 years of innovation in the space by taking everything we have built so far and combining it with a modern web-based interphase that allows users to manage their transportation business (whether a broker, shipper, or carrier) like never before.    

But what is VIA? What does it do? And why do you need it?

VIA is an ecosystem and an ever-evolving product where users can collaborate with customers, trading partners, drivers, and colleagues in real-time.

 VIA makes it easier than ever to obtain carrier rates, manage quotes, dispatch trucks, and track loads because it connects everyone together so communication can be more streamlined.

VIA breaks to conventional mold of ripping out and replacing by allowing users to continue using what they have, but fill in gaps where they are needed. This is accomplished by offering real-time 2-way data sync between VIA and any product with an API on the market today. 

You are going to love VIA and so will your customers. VIA is going to allow you to build a cohesive bond between your team, your drivers, and your customers that will truly enhance their experience as well as your own.

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