Meet Tranztec…

We started Tranztec in 2001 with the goal of making the transportation space a place more easily navigated. Our founder and CEO, Toby Miller, had been working with TMW and other industry leading platforms for years and wanted to find a way to connect various legacy software offerings together to better enhance the overall experience and productivity of the industry as a whole.

It wasn’t long after, Tranztec’s patented Tranzactor platform was born – a middleware application which would change the industry as we know it. Tranzactor allowed integrations between TMS (transportation management systems) and numerous other offerings such as MobileComm units, load boards, fuel cards, imaging systems, and many more to be built and operational in weeks instead of months or even years.

For the next 15 years, we continued to grow our partnerships with TMW, McLeod, MercuryGate, and other leading TMS providers and built a robust integration library that offered connections between just about every transportation related platform in the market.

 In 2017, we launched VIA – our latest offering and a product that truly encompasses our 17 years of innovation in the space by taking everything we have built so far and combining it with a modern web-based interphase that allows users to manage their transportation business (whether a broker, shipper, or carrier) like never before.     

In the past 9 months, we have on-boarded more than 150 carriers to the VIA platform, however, to us, VIA is a project that never is complete. VIA truly stands as a symbol for what our company really is because VIA, like Tranztec, is a living product that continues to evolve and grow in an effort to make this space just a little bit better for everyone. 

We stand proud of what we have accomplished, but feel this is only the beginning….

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