Solving The Fundamental Issues Of The Brokerage Industry

We have been in the industry for over 18 years and one thing we often notice is the lack of a system designed specifically for brokers.

There are a lot of transportation management platforms out there that claim to handle a broker’s everyday operations and business needs, but why do so many of them seem to fall short or feel more catered to the carrier?

Our VIA platform was designed to help brokers better manage their orders throughout the entire lifecycle of the load by tackling each of the following areas where others fall short.

  1. Customer Portal
    1. The core of any brokerage exists in its ability to communicate with their customers. VIA provides users with an intuitive portal that can be used to share information back and forth with clients such as BOL, load status, quotes, quote requests, invoices, and much more. 
    2. To further enhance the experience, VIA also allows brokers to communicate instantly with their customers using our embedded chat system.
  2. Quote & Bid Management
    1. A fundamental problem in running a brokerage office is minimizing effort spent on generating quotes. In addition, work is often being repeated because employees don’t have a collaborative space where information can be shared freely. VIA stops this problem by allowing entire teams to work together in a space where quotes, bids, and crucial information can be accessed by anyone and shared instantly with your customer.
  3. Carrier Rates
    1. An essential piece of running a brokerage is acquiring carrier rates for routes. VIA revolutionizes this process by connecting directly to a carrier’s API and pulling rates automatically. What does this mean for the broker? It means a rep can type in a route and see a list of rates from their favorite carriers instantly with ever picking up the phone or sending an email.
  4. Carrier Network & EDI
    1. To further enhance the communication between brokers and carriers, VIA allows brokers to invite carriers into a private network where load location, status, BOL, invoices, and other critical items can be shared in real-time.
    2. As with the customer portal, brokers can also chat with their carriers using the instant messaging built right into the VIA platform.
    3. In addition, VIA has the ability to send EDI to carriers such as 204 (load tenders) as well as 214 (status updates) to customers automatically.
  5. External Load Tracking & Management
    1. In the past decade, complete load visibility has become the standard and customers are now demanding the ability to instantly access the status of their loads. VIA provides the fastest, most cost effective, and most flexible external load tracking solution on the market. Just enter a driver’s number and the system will send a text message to the driver. When the driver accepts, you will have full insight on your load. There is no app to download on the driver’s end and no setup required on the broker’s end.
    2. VIA also offers a fully interactive map complete with color indicated status reports and bread crumb mapping.
  6. Split Loads
    1. A huge issue in the brokerage industry is the inability for any TMS to properly manage split loads. VIA…
  7. Invoicing / Bill-To
    1. Funding is important, it is the fundamental reason for doing business. VIA’s ecosystem between customers, brokers, and carriers allows all parties to get paid faster because the invoicing process is instantaneous.
    2. Because VIA knows the status of any load, it can automatically send 210 (invoices) to the broker from the carrier when the load is completed. Furthermore, it can send invoices to customers simultaneously.
  8. Reporting
    1. Metrics have always been essential to business, but in today’s brokerage market, customers are now requiring business intelligence analytics in the form of reports like never before. 
    2. VIA can provide users and customers real-time reporting capabilities in a shared environment further enhancing a broker’s ability to satisfy customers and grow their business.

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