VIA is Visual
Visually presenting real-time data all within a unified environment, VIA’s revolutionary approach to Transportation Management will change the way you move.
You’ve never seen anything like me
With VIA’s easy to use and intuitive approach Transportation Management is redefined like you have never seen it before, Visually. Featuring modern visual design, a drag and drop interface and its industry first Card System you will be in full control, with your most critical data at your fingertips. See the difference and get a better view of your overall situation.

I make the team thing work
VIA was built for teams and real-time changes are the name of its game. Updates to orders, loads, times and every other element of VIA are automatically synced to all users, wether that is in an office or a truck cab. Everyone is always up to date, allowing users to make confident decisions in a lightning fast environment.

I am all that…
Why waste time jumping between various systems to make decisions? VIA knows how to get things done. Featuring a unified environment all your data and tools will be in one place. Hours of service, load details, mapping and so much more are all fully integrated into the platform. Eliminate the bounce and have everything you need in one place.


  • Filter how you view your data

  • Group and User Management

  • Attach PDFs and other documents to cards
  • GPS Tracking

  • Auto Plan Routes with Vivian Intelligence

Speed up the creation of your route planning with VIA’s Vivian AI. Simply select the Drivers, Segments, Trucks and Trailers you want to be factored in and Vivian will get to work. Using an advanced swarm intelligence algorithm specifically designed for transportation, Vivian will determine the best possible route plan using variables like Hours of Service, Driver Quality of life, Profit, Relays and many more. Play out many what-if style scenarios without worry of affecting assets until you are ready to commit.

Potential Loads
Have you ever wanted to just plan out a potential load without the hassle of whiteboards, excel spreadsheets or (GASP!) Post-it Notes? We make it easy. Simply type some basic info for the load in the system and mark it as potential with our color-coded labeling system. Everyone can see the load and share theirs as well. Manipulate it just as any other order and when the times comes to make it actual, just click a button and have it sync up with your existing TMS.

TMS Integration
Complete integration with all major TMS systems and some not so major. Data can be synced two-ways allowing you to benefit from all VIA’s advanced controls and pushed back into your existing TMS. Featuring an advanced subscription system you will be able to determine exactly what flows in and out of VIA.

Who’s going to drive you home tonight?

  • Cross Quote Tracking

  • Attach documents to Quotes and Rates

  • In-depth searching tools to find Quotes,Rates,Carriers & more

  • User defined process automation tools.

Carrier Rate Tracking
Rate tracking has always been an obstacle for brokers because most transportation management platforms do not allow the input of loads unless it becomes actual. Our platform serves as a virtual whiteboard allowing teams to enter rates and share them across the organization for a company-wide streamlined process.

Automated Import of Customer Quotes
Brokers have long relied on the use of spreadsheets for customer quotes. This system is inefficient in that it greatly prohibits any type of real-time team collaboration. Our automated import of customer quotes enables users to upload standard format spreadsheets and share instantly.

External Load Tracking
Over the past decade, load tracking has become the standard in the logistics industry, and customers expect full insight to their shipments. Our mobile platform eliminates the check call by allowing brokers to track and manage loads using a cell phone’s built-in GPS. Track assigned load’s exact geographic location in real time from the moment of departure until the instant product is delivered with VIA!

Go Your Own Way

  • Visual Track and Trace

  • Hours of Service

  • Asset Management

  • Two way communication with drivers

  • Text based updating

ELD Integration
Automatically sync hours of service and positions from your current electronic logging devices so your online asset information will always be up to date with the latest information directly from your vehicles. See exactly where everything is located and how much time you and your drivers have left in our easy to use.

VIA Mobile
VIA integrates with VIA Mobile to allow drivers to get access to any information vital to their needs. Featuring a password-less login system, you can allow drivers access to the routes and data you have planned out for them in VIA. Need to make a change? No problem. Like the rest of the system, VIA Mobile will auto update with any changes that you make from within the platform. Allowing all parties to be up to date at all times.

Manage your fleet from anywhere
VIA’s web based system allows you and your team to manage the fleet from any location. Whether that is for 10 trucks or 10,000. Make changes on the go or get a birds eye view of what’s going on inside the organization from your office or your truck cab.

On the Road Again

  • Public and Private Boards

  • Event driven notification

  • EDI Integration
  • Assign specific members to cards and boards

Cross Carrier Visibility
Maximize your profits by working together with other companies. Since VIA was built for collaboration, for both internal and external customers, barriers that once prevented collaboration are no longer an issue. Simply choose the security level of your assets and resource by making them private for specific users and groups, or public and open that data up to share pieces with other companies as suits your needs.

Ramps is our innovative system of hooks built directly into VIA that allow you to do some pretty advanced ( and might we add ‘cool’ ) stuff pretty easily based on various events in the system. For instance, would you like to receive and email every time a load arrives? Perhaps a text message when a certain load depart? If you can dream it ramps can do.

EDI Support
Accept or reject 204’s directly from inside of VIA with our EDI support capabilities. But our EDI features don’t end there as we also give you the ability to send 214’s automatically on Arrive, depart and appointment changes.