Helping The Small Carrier Survive In A World Of Rising Costs

In today’s market, most of the major shippers are demanding full visibility to their freight. Whether this comes in the form of EDI or load consolidation solutions such as FourKites, MacroPoint, or Project 44, the shipper’s heightened requirements usually leave the carrier footing the bill.

The large carriers have learned to adapt or even build these new costs of doing business into their pricing, but small trucking companies are now struggling to front new financial burdens attached to their already razor-thin margins per load.

At Tranztec, we have watched the small carrier struggle and have stepped in to offer the following solutions to help keep the little guys keep afloat:

  1. Load Consolidation Platform Integration – Over the past decade, Tranztec has built integrations with Macropoint, 10-4, FourKites, Project44, and many more. When you become part of our patented VIA ecosystem, you are full access to these integrations free of cost beyond our monthly subscription. VIA automatically syncs your data to the platform of your shipper’s choice so you can continue doing business as usual.

  2. EDI Integration – EDI is often required by large shippers and almost always expensive. EDI requires two fundamental pieces, both of which are cost prohibitive to small carriers.
    1. In order to send and receive EDI, a Value Added Network Provider (VAN) is required. VANs charge on a per character basis making it very difficult to assume costs and build it into pricing.
    1. Additionally, most EDI requires the use of a costly transportation management platform (TMS) of which small carriers do not have.

Our VIA platform solves both issues – We eliminate per character EDI charges bypassing the VAN and directly connecting with your trading partners. In addition, we provide a portal for interacting with incoming EDI eradicating the need for a TMS altogether.

We are here to help and want to help small carriers because we recognize the value they bring to the industry. With new ELD requirements and the continued up-tick in cost of doing business, we feel every little bit helps. Our goal has been, and always will be, to help business grow and in return grow our own company. We hope these new innovations help pave that path.

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