Tranzactor Workflow

Easily edit and modify your applications without the need for an internal programmer

Create Your Own Rules

Most businesses are continuously dealing with large amounts of paperwork. This paperwork is often difficult to manage resulting in lost information and errors. There errors lead to re-work and inconvenient delays resulting in significant financial loss. Workflow provides a structured, centralized system of data and pushes daily routine tasks to automated machines.

Benefits of Workflow

With workflow, you can rest assured documents are taken in the right order and the correct people and departments are receiving them. Additional benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Track data processes and when documents are outsourced to vendors
  • Reduce errors and prevent tasks from falling through the cracks
  • Empower yourself to successfully manage work
  • Become more efficient utilizing less resources
  • Simplify Your Internal Communication

No Internal Programmers? No Problem…

The workflow platform was designed to be extremely user friendly for all users of all backgrounds. Tranztec utilizes workflow into all our products to ensure that every customer has a rewarding experience without relying heavily on outside support.

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