Tranzactor EDI

Automatically translate EDI formatted documents directly into your database

Introducing Tranzactor™

Tranztec created Tranzactor™with the idea that EDI should be part of a larger process and companies should have the ability to make decisions based on that EDI. Tranzactor™ automates EDI allowing it to become a method of intgeration, not just a stand alone silo.

Eliminate Transaction or Communication Costs

Many companies spend thousands per month to comply with their customers’ mandated EDI participation. A large complaint among forced EDI participants is the high costs associated with using the public Value Added Networks (VANs) to exchange EDI data.
Tranzactor™ is a proven cost-savings solution that enables the automatic translation of EDI formatted documents directly into a company’s database without additional transaction or communication costs. With Tranzactor™, companies that use EDI to communicate with their trading partners can now use direct FTP or AS2 communications through existing internet connections, send and receive as much data as needed, while reducing costs for data-entry, billing and customer service. Customers in the transportation / logistics / supply chain industries find they better meet customer requirements while significantly reducing costs when using Tranzactor™.

Maximize Your EDI Experience

Tranzactor™ was designed to manage the entire life cycle documents including mapping, process execution, monitoring and error-handling. Documents are extracted, “translated”, and distributed without intervention. In addition, acknowledgments to be sent or received are monitored, processed and transmitted. The use of automated “alerts’ and notifications update users on ‘sent’ and ‘pending’ transmissions. Tranzactor™ is custom fit to each individual client’s needs creating a cost-effective solution while delivering the same services to the applications you are accustomed to.

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