Driver Relationship Management

“Automate and streamline your recruiting efforts”

More Drivers, More Quickly

Tranztec’s Driver Relationship Management System (dRM) is designed to meet the high capacity needs of carriers who devote time and resources to the recruiting & management of truck drivers. Included are software modules that automate & assist the busy trucking firm with the entire driver life cycle including:

Driver Economics

For carriers, drivers are a key factor in the management of revenue goals and cost objectives of the firm. Driver turnover is high, recruitment is difficult, hiring a new driver is a detailed and expensive process that sets the stage for protecting from potential distractions for legal and negligence issues.

Integrate & Accelerate

The days of trying to manage driver records and processes manually based on paper records or even with a document management system are long past. Driver Management requires collaboration and real-time access to your web site and service providers for reference checking, driver history, etc.

When Driver records are more integrated with your TMS, calendaring, database, email, reporting, and alerting systems then your staff is empowered to focus on the recruiting and candidate communications rather than the clerical aspects of the process.

Easy To Use, Manage & Modify

The Transactor Driver Management interface is based on either a standard web browser or Microsoft Outlook making the system easy to learn and use and coordinate with normal daily activities. It is available on-demand in the cloud for smaller recruiting organizations eliminating the need for IT support. For larger recruiting departments Driver Management is also available in an on-premise version.

In both versions, it is easy for advanced users to create their own reports, workflows, and charts. The system can be integrated with most TMS systems. Included with the base product, the system has tight integration with standard Microsoft Office tools including Excel, Word, SQL Server, and Microsoft Outlook making it easy to learn, use and customize to your needs.

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