Anything to Anything Integrator

Connect, Integrate, & Automate Any 2 Applications

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator is a state of the art business automation and integration platform designed for enterprise wide process automation, data transformation and decision support for transportation companies. Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator allows users to create business logic and automation workflows simply and easily with Visio style graphical editing allowing companies to tightly integrate and automate all aspects of their business without the need for a large programming staff.

Limitless Integration Capability

Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator comes standard with an extensive integration library which covers the most popular transportation applications available on the market today. Users of Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator can link platforms such as FleetLocate™ and TMW Synergize™ directly with any other application, including popular transportation management systems, allowing for full business automation across an entire enterprise. Whether in the cloud or on-premise , if your company is using it, we can integrate with it.

Streamlining Business Process

Automating your systems allows faster information flows as well as enhanced business decisions and outcomes. The result is better asset allocation, higher customer satisfaction, and reduced administrative costs.

Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator enables full business automation though quick and easy application integration. In addition, the platform can be utilized to accelerate deployment of new software applications, leveraging a company’s initial investment.

Tranzactor™ A2A Integrator’s workflow based interface makes it simple to learn and easy to modify. The platform requires minimal resources for IT departments and can reduce software development costs up to 90%.

Tranzactor A2A Can Be Used To:

  • Integrate Microsoft Office
  • Integrate Trailer Tracking Systems
  • Integrate voice / messaging services
  • Integrate automated arrival & departure with geofencing
  • Automatically populate databases
  • Integrating Websites and Web Data with TMS or EDI
  • Create Decision Support Systems
  • And More!

Benefits of Using Tranzactor A2A:

  • Works with your existing TMS platforms
  • Supports limitless integration across unlimited platforms
  • Eliminates Manual Processes
  • Increases Business Proficiency & Capacity
  • Increases Revenue Streams & Profit Margins
  • Reduces Labor Costs
  • Reduces Human Error
  • Enhances Customer Service
  • Streamlines Business Decisions
  • Allows faster integration
  • Requires no on-hand programmers
  • Requires no writing of code

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